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We are a full service ad agency.

  • In today’s volatile marketplace, it’s not enough to simply advertise. You need to make every dollar count.

  • And that means determining who you are as a company and how to relay your benefits to potential customers.

  • Choose the right medium. Develop a powerful message. Form and execute your ad budget with precision...that's what TMR can do for you.

Total Marketing Resources—located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley — offers full service assistance to retail outlets, service organizations, medical providers and virtually any company in search of a new audience and new voice. From media research, strategy and placement to award-winning design and television production, TMR has experience in all aspects of brand-building and sales generation.

It’s our belief that no matter what your size, successful marketing begins with the big picture — understanding how the world around you affects YOUR specific business.

By pinpointing outside forces, we can focus on your internal strengths and weaknesses, identify possible improvement, then devise and implement a plan for success. That’s what TMR clients have experienced for over 30 years.

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